UV-C Disinfection Robot

UV-C ROBOT sanitizes effectively and autonomously closed spaces of any dimension.

This robot eliminates all bacteria and viruses through ultraviolet C, having a safety system that inactivates its lights when detecting the presence of people. 

It is easy to install and to charge, using a station for that purpose.


UV-C Robot

 600W UV-C lamps with 5 hours autonomy
360º disinfection
25m² sanitation in about 4 minutes
Safety sensor for detection of people
Selection of areas to disinfect
Hability of avoiding statical and moving obstacles
Flexible maping
1.35m/s speed


Customize your robot according to your brand’s image.

You can also ajust colors and dimensions fully considering your needs.


Ícone Dimensões dos Produtos DC PRO


  • Height: 1844mm
  • Width: 500 mm 
  • Depth: 808mm
  • Weight: 152kg
Doseamento de Álcool Gel

Allows to edit

  • Areas to disinfect
  • Lamps management
  • Soun warnings